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‎“It is now scientifically validated that human milk, breastfeeding, and baby-led weaning (BLW) regimens all confer several major lifelong health advantages to children. What is also becoming increasingly clear is how different types of infant and early childhood feeding (IECF) regimens can produce differing health outcomes for children in later life. For example, if fed during infancy and early childhood according to a typically modern IECF (ie little or no breastfeeding or human milk, formula fed with bottles and artificial nipples, and weaned with purees, highly processed, and soft-textured baby foods), children are at greater risk for developing chronic diseases (of Civilization) that are bidirectionally associated with sleep disordered breathing (SDB) and narrow hard palates (eg, dental caries, ear infections, OSA, attention deficit disorder, obesity, etc).“

ICAN: Infant, Child, & Adolescent Nutrition (pdf)

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why i hate attachment parenting

„Attachment Parenting is seen as alternative. It is seen as a lifestyle choice. APers are University educated, shop in Waitrose, have been to Glastonbury at least once, have a penchant for dreadlocks, use cloth san pro or mooncups, use real nappies on their babies. The babies are dressed in organic, fair trade (preferably bamboo) clothing and always sport an amber teething necklace, they shun vaccination, they bed share, they definitely gave birth at home, usually in water with a doula and some birth hypnosis, they read the Greeen Parent, Juno or The Mother, they have a rainbow sling, use elimination communication and don’t buy any toiletries containing parabens, SLS, artifical fragrance or colours and definitely none tested on animals. “

Bambus, my ass! Und Dreadlocks, no way!

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Noch mehr nutzlose Dinge….

„Intelligenter“ Babyanzug sagt dir, warum dein Baby weint

Ja, klar.

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Rumina Uno – Lactation Meter

DIY again:

Kapuzenkittel (japanisch)

Im Gegenzug: hat jemand ein einfaches Sweatshirt-Schnittmuster (ohne Buendchen ist ok)?

DIY: Jede Menge Babypuschen!

Pattern (Naehanleitungen) fuer Babypuschen/Schlaeppchen

Brauche ich ja leider nicht mehr wirklich, aber vll mal als Geschenk? Die Kimonoschuhe sind Zucker!

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Jodine’s World: Shame is the new guilt

Jodine’s World: Shame is the new guilt

Sehr gut und informativ, auch fuer diejenigen, die sich nicht mit dem „Ausloeser“ befasst haben.

Analytical Armadillo: Introducing solids schedules – outdated advice?

Analytical Armadillo – The Booby Whisperer: Introducing solids schedules – outdated advice?

Sehr interessante Fakten hierdrin, nicht zuletzt fuer Vegetarier/Veganer